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A Permeates home For Satanoperca Lilith

PostPosted: Thu Aug 03, 2017 5:58 am
by eartheater3298
Hi all,
After much ups and downs, I've finally got my 8 S.lilith settled into what will be their permenant home.

The fish are between 7 and 11 inch t.l. and I got them about 4 months old, so I guess they are now 2 and half years of age. The maximum stated size of this species is 14 inch, so I'm getting there.

The new tank is 120 x 24 x 30 inch, and I've fitted a sump to it measuring 66 x 15 x 18 inch. The tank is powered by a Eheim 5,000 lph pump, a 6 line blower pump , with 4 very large sponge filters, I do like two seperate type of filter on a tank.
The tank substrate is sand, just plain old aquarium / play sand, plus at the moment 2 X very large, about 60 inch pieces of bogwood.
It has 4 x 300 watt heaters, 3 x set to 28 C, with the forth, set as backup to 25 C.
The tank was made by Wharf Aquatics, and has 2 inlets and 3 x large outlets,
it has a weir system around the outlet / inlet pipes.
The lighting; I'm not after growing plants in this tank, it has 2 X 4ft , 1.8 watt, led strip lights,

The sump has 3 compartments, water drops in, aerating it, goes through a mechanical filter , consisting of a fine wool media, followed by 2 X 2 inch thick coarse sponge filters. Next compartment is about 4 ft, and has plastic grill plates on its base, covered with around 10 inch in depth of Alfa grog, which is my bio media.
In the last compartment is the pump, and also a peat bag , containing a solid block of peat , about 12 x 6 x 6, to aid acidity.

Ph, at the moment it's around 6.5, but will be dropped much lower soon.
Gh, is around 3 dgh at the moment, but would like it to be 2 dgh.
The rest, I don't measure.
Current tank occupants, 8 x Satanoperca lilith, 3 x Satanoperca leucosticta, 2 x Satanoperca acuticeps, a pair of Geophagus abalios, and a breeding pair of Heros liberifer.
Additions will be 6 x 3 inch U.fernandyepetzi, a group of dwarf pikes, probably either C.regani or C.notopthalmus, plus lastly some nice loricarids , about 4 to 6 of them.
And that brings it all up to date. I will keep you posted.

Re: A Permeates home For Satanoperca Lilith

PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:36 am
by eartheater3298
I've just added my very first catfish to this tank, a L191 sp Loricaridae, it's about 6 inch t.l. and looks very good.

Additionally within that tank, my pair of H.liberifer now have free swimming fry, so that's a nice one for me.

Re: A Permeates home For Satanoperca Lilith

PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 11:45 am
by LyleRon
Does your Loricaridae catfish enjoy the tank, Eartheater? Did you add anything else to it since then?