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Hello to all at the BCA, as some will already know i am now running the famous UK charity auction (Previously known as the Midland charity auction) alongside Darren Evans and a lot of other excellent and passionate aquarists.

We have done well so far but all this will be in vain if people do not attend the charity auction and also book fish in to be sold at the auction! prices are usually high for sellers but cheap enough for buyers to grab a bargain! the racking system unique to this auction will remain and allow buyers to view the fish before bidding!

The venue is the well known and well used Lodge pool social club

The date is the 1st of December 2013 with a 10am start. Entrance fee is £2 per person and ALL money raised will be split between three excellent projects, two active aquatic conservation projects and also Macmillan cancer support.

Unfortunately i have not been able to contact Ad Konings about the Stuart Grant fund :( we wanted this to be one of the projects that we supported but despite several members sending several emails we have not had a response with permission to use articles, pictures and to get a update on the current situation in Malawi! Maybe next year and maybe we could work alongside the BCA in raising funds for this cichlid conservation projects!

Two aquatic projects were keen to respond to us and our first auction under the new banner will see us supporting the Goodeid working group in raising cash to help fund research in Mexico and also captive breeding projects for endangered and extinct Livebearers!
Also helping us by providing details and information was the Planetxingu project ran by my friend Julian Dignall of Planet catfish he is currently raising funds to help with a ongoing study of the Rio Xingu in south America, although this project mainly aims to study and record the endemic catfish species the team will also observe and record various other species of the Xingu including cichlids! within a few years this river will be devastated by the huge Belo Monte dam project and many fish lost completely! Two scientists are working hard in South America and Julian is currently aiming to raise $11.000 to fund equipment for the effort. We are now committed to splitting the funds three ways between these superb and noble projects.

The Uk hobby does not really have a strong history of raising money for such causes, many conservation projects never receive a penny from UK clubs and associations, this time we aim to change that, by inviting all sectors of the hobby to come together and to join our quest to send money to places that do have a effect on our hobby! we can make a difference and i would like to think that UK cichlid owners and members of the BCA will be behind our efforts! the event is being held at the same location that the BCA uses for its conventions and is dead center of England(Almost)

Do we have your support??

The website is now live and has lots of further information,

Plus we have a new facebook page where people can 'Like' us and get regular updates in the build up to the event on the 1st. We will also share pictures here and post regular updates of what fish are likely to be entered into the auction!

I really hope that this auction does well on Dec 1st, a lot of hard work has already gone into this and it is totally unselfish and for such good causes! please come and join us and show your support!

I am more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. All the best Ste Chester and the hard working team behind the UK charity auction.

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