A couple of details about the upcoming auction.

A couple of details about the upcoming auction.

Postby ste12000 » Sun Nov 03, 2013 11:00 pm


We have just had a question from a interested aquarist, he asked if we have a online or printed catalogue of the entered auction lots for December 1st.

My answer was quite detailed so i thought that it may be useful for others also..

The charity auction is ran differently to most auctions, we give sellers a auction letter (A, B, C etc) and they are welcome to bring as many fish as they like (Labelled A1, A2, A3 etc) because of this method even the auctioneers do not know exactly what will be entered, we invite sellers to provide lists of what they are bringing and when they are provided we will put them on the website prior to the 1st December.

There is no printed catalogue on the day, instead we have a unique rack system where the fish bags are viewable and buyers can judge the size, shape and quality of each bag, most buyers make notes of the bags that they like, write down the number and bid when it comes up, we sell by a rack so the rack is loaded, viewed and then sold, we then restock the rack, allow viewing and sell that rack etc..

It is a exciting auction, all sellers have their lots on the rack at the same time so you may get a killiefish sold next to a catfish or a guppy next to a rare cichlid! it is a unique and exciting auction and well respected as being one of the best in the UK.

I hope that you will join us on December the 1st.
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