Nearly there!!!

Nearly there!!!

Postby ste12000 » Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:01 pm

Wow, less than a week to go until the first re-branded UK charity auction! we have come a long way in a short period of time!

On the 27th of August 2012, Tim Addis announced to myself and several others that he was emigrating and no longer in a position to continue running the Midland charity auction which had become famous as one of the best open fish auctions in the hobby, this auction was a meeting point for all the major fish groups, professional aquarists and hobbyists off the street. It was a unique and fascinating auction which i myself held very dear. I decided straight away that we needed this event to continue and told Tim Addis that Darren Evan and myself were prepared to continue his good work, Tim gave his blessing and straight away 6-7 dedicated tropical fish hobbyists offered their help.

What they have achieved has been nothing short of phenomenal, we now have a dedicated website, a superb facebook page containing regular updates! volunteers giving up their time to contact and organise trade stands, raffle prizes, auction booking in!! we have more volunteers offering their time on sunday 1st to fill in and perform the jobs required to run a large fish auction!

I take my hat off to these people, i wont name names here but they will get their glory at the end of the event, i am so proud to work with these guys who are putting in so much effort to put this event together! Its almost time and there is now little more we can do except sit back and keep our fingers crossed that fish hobbyists across the country turn out to Redditch and enjoy the day! we are raising funds for fish conservation projects and cancer care but more importantly we are a bunch of tropical fish enthusiasts than have come together to rescue what is one of the best fish auctions in the country!

There is still time to book fish into the auction if you want to sell and raise some Christmas money, otherwise all we can ask is that you come along on December the 1st to join in and support the event. It's fun!

Details can be found on our excellent website

Doors open at 9am, auction starts 10am.. £2.50 door fee.

All money raised will be split between the three chosen charitable causes.
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